About us

The company's factory "Kifato MK" has started its activity in 2006 year. Manufacture of racking products for warehouses and retail trade began in the Klin, Moscow Region. Equipment Company was bought from the Netherlands, Italy and Germany.

Bearing elements of rack designs are made from steel S355 MC, the rest of the St3Ps.

"Kifato MK" Today is the most high-tech and modern enterprise among manufacturers of pre-engineered racking systems in Russia and countries of the former Soviet Union. The factory area of ​​110 000 m2. The land on a built production facility, - ownership companies "Kifato MK".

The production technology is patented and certified according to the international quality standards TUV Rheinland and the ISO 9001: 2000. Products are manufactured at the modern technological equipment (WEMO, FINN POWER, AMADA, PM-PIEMME). All processes are automated. In this work, we rely on the experience of the universally recognized worldwide industry leaders, own unique design , as well as know-how in the field of design, production and the design.

On the plant applies a triple control system that allows you to achieve excellent quality products and high-performance enterprise and also be implemented in any ideas of the customer.

The company "Kifato MK" has to offer to European and two standard rack systems of the Russian market - "25" and "50", which are also known as "Italian" and "German" standards.

The product range «Kifato MK»

 The entire range of products "Kifato MK" can be divided into three groups:
  1. warehouse racking systems;
  2. shelves;
  3. hybrid type racks cash & amp; carry

By the so-called accessories include mesh products.r

Our products are not have counterparts

In many respects, our storage equipment has no analogues in Russia, it is provided by the profiles of contemporary design with a large margin of safety and a high load-carrying capacity, as well as the possibility of designing a system height of more than 20 M.

Gipermarketnye and the supermarket shelving systems (cash & carry) are manufactured in accordance with the European standard for this type of equipment (rack height - up to 4 m, pitch perforation - 25 mm). Together with rack systems offer a wide range of accessories for commercial establishments:

  • grid shelves;
  • containers;
  • delimiters;
  • suspensions;
  • elements from the of precious wood, and windows

The company "MK Kifato» - first and the only manufacturer who has received a patent for a hook beams. Thanks to the advanced design of racks from the company "Kifato MK" have an increased carrying capacity. They are able to to withstand long periods of high performance load.

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Rich experience in the implementation of major projects

To better meet the needs of consumers in manufacturing company provides the possibility of manufacturing of rack systems in according to the thumbnails and the customer's drawings.

The logistics component of the work with the orders of clients, which includes automatic lines for individual packaging and palletizing, carried out with the use of CRM and WMS-systems, to avoid damage to the goods during packaging and transportation, and also to prevent errors that occur during the formation of the finished sending the order.

The company "Kifato MK" has a wealth of experience in the implementation of major projects that require large amounts of supplies. Factory production in the 50 % working on the export of goods in the abroad, in the ; near and & nbsp countries including Europe (Hungary, Czech Republic, Germany, Poland).

  «Kifato MK» - only on the territory of the Russian official member of the European Association of Manufacturers of warehouse equipment (FEM).

We offer you benefit from the experience of highly qualified specialists of our company to your warehouse corresponded to modern solutions for planning of premises, technology and the technical level of equipment, with the use of modern high-shelf equipment and the organization of an efficient warehouse operation.

Size / equipment, rubles. 1,250 mm 1875 mm
Sidewall with glass 2790 2790
Sidewall spacer 2790 2670
Connecting kit 1110 -
lath 660 1130
Table Optional rack