The plant «Kifato-MK» is the only manufacturer of rack systems and accessories in Russia, which produces all products on the most modern technological equipment with KNOW HOW, which allows the presence of strict control system to receive excellent quality and high performance.

The main focus is the production of commercial shelving, hybrid racks (cash and carry), shelving storage systems and Grid products (accessories).

All products are manufactured on modern Western equipment with full automation of all processes. With its advanced design, racks have an increased load-carrying capacity and are able to withstand high operating load for long periods of use.

Complete with shelves offer a wide range of accessories for any trading company, namely, mesh shelves, guides, containers, hangers, as well as elements of glass and precious wood.

Stock systems are easy to build and convenience, high load capacity, with the possibility of combining the rack systems.

In addition, to fully meet customer needs, provide the ability to manufacture equipment according to drawings or sketches of the customer.

Individuality company also proves the ability to offer Russian and Eurasian market two standard rack equipment — standard «25» and «50». These two standards are known as the Italian and German.