Storage racks Kifato MK & nbsp; made of become S355MC. Steel comes directly from the Novolipetsk Metallurgical Combine. Each batch of steel is quality controlled and & nbsp; has a certificate of compliance that ensures the quality of products.

On the the production of the most modern equipment, which on many parameters are not & nbsp; have analogues in the Russia. The equipment manufactured by such world-known suppliers like RM-PIEMME, AMADA, FINN POWER, WEMO.


Rental beams and racks carried out on & nbsp; automatic rolling lines RM-PIEMME, with using the "flying shears" with at 6 beams in minute. Racks are rolled with at 18 m in the minute.

Hooks and & nbsp; shelf supports are made on the WEMO Dutch stamp production.

Our equipment does not have analogues in the Russia

Welding is performed on 3 robots Panasonic SD004, SD005, SD006 (the serial number indicates the serial number of the robot delivered in Russian), welding speed hooks to the beam 30 seconds, 3 robots allow a minute to cook 6 beams. The use of these robots increase productivity, ensure the quality and leg of the weld, no undercooked areas and to avoid rozbryzga metal.

Painting of products produced in the German painting line Wurster powder coating Only the Finnish «TECNO» in & nbsp; automatic painting lines with the degreasing phosphating compositions that provide high-quality coverage and & nbsp; the durability of products. The camera set to 28 paint guns, the performance of 6 m² in per minute, the oven allows you to hang the beam vertically.

  Bending machines AMADA , set to the production process allows the metal thickness up to 4 & nbsp; mm, working length of the tool 4,5 m. Laser cutter Finn Power cuts metal up to 20 mm, can operate in the two media (with using helium) to It is possible to produce any non-standard parts with & nbsp; the highest accuracy. Mesh products are manufactured at & nbsp; the welding resistance welding line IDEAL.

Installation teams of "Kifato MK" have qualified personnel and extensive experience in & nbsp; the country and for internationally.

Warranty and after-sales service is carried out on the proper level.