Archival mobile shelves

Archival mobile racks are widely used convenient and robust mobile structures. The company KIFATO-MK has developed and successfully introduced this type of equipment.

Mobile shelves are designed for storing various kinds of archives and for any other purpose. Such racks are most effective in terms of using a small area of ​​the room, where you need to place a large amount of documentation. Their application gives the chance to use room space as much as possible.

These racks are mounted on a movable base. Due to this feature, it becomes possible to move the racks along the guides. Type of painting - polymer coating - beautifully, reliably and qualitatively, which corresponds to the European level. We also offer two types of drives: mechanical and manual, which allows the client to easily and easily move the shelves in the right direction at maximum load. Today, the average service life of these structures in an unattended mode is at least 20 years. Our mobile shelving systems are operated without constant monitoring.

Archival mobile racks Kifato-MK are popular due to their reliability, safety, load capacity and durability. Let the price of the mobile rack is slightly higher than the stationary one, however the difference is compensated by the convenience of operation and considerable space saving.

The scope of use of this equipment is very wide. These are libraries, hospitals, schools, universities, banks, manufacturing enterprises, various archives and government agencies.


  • Height of the rack: up to 2746 mm;
  • Width of the rack: up to 8120 mm;
  • Depth of the rack: up to 850 mm;
  • Step of rearrangement of the shelf: 11.5 mm.

Our company provides a full range of services for storage organization using rack systems: design, manufacturing, installation and subsequent maintenance. At our disposal - the latest imported equipment and high-quality materials, which guarantees the reliability of each component.

Shelving racks

This type of equipment is used when a product having small dimensions, as a rule, is placed in cardboard boxes, trays or boxes and is located on shelves. This allows you to complete and select orders from one piece without the use of heavy lifting mechanisms.

Box storage systems are in demand at enterprises that produce small appliances and mechanisms, in areas of picking warehouse space, archives and stores.

An essential advantage of the technology of shelf storage of goods is its low cost and the possibility of simple and rapid transformation. The system allows you to quickly adapt the technology of the warehouse for changing the range and & nbsp; volumes of goods.

More advanced from a technological point of view, are racks with gravity, and shelf racks with mobile bases that are used in warehouses with small areas.